Located in sunny Northern California, Hillsborough City sits serenely in the convenient and comfortable San Mateo County. It is close to Highway 280 for easy access in and out of the area, and so close to the beautiful Crystal Springs Reservoir. 
The community has a reputation for being quite exclusive, with homes sold at highly competitive pricing. Indeed, Hillsborough City offers a unique atmosphere with peninsula properties that feature a sweet and woodsy serenity without losing a modern touch.
Most homes in Hillsborough City sell for between $3 to $5 million—although with extreme competition and low inventory, it is not uncommon to see prices spike above asking. In fact, few homes in the community hit the market, because families tend to remain content in the area. That continuity is especially profound within its school districts, which see stellar levels of support from parents and fundraisers.
Not surprisingly, Hillsborough public schools are rated in the top 1% of all districts in California and recently distinguished as the seventh “most attractive” school district in the U.S. With persistent student excellence and school scores topping the charts, Hillsborough is a great community where students—and families—can excel.
Perhaps the driving force behind its esteemed academics is a community of parents who donate to the schools. Nearly 17% of the entire school district budget is contributed to by parents and fundraisers throughout the school year. Additionally, its teachers are highly qualified: 57% have advanced degrees, while 74% have been teaching in the district for 5+ years.
With a quiet back-to-nature atmosphere and a minimum lot size of a half acre, Hillsborough is one of the country’s most comfortable residential neighborhoods to live in. Shall we fire up the barbecue?