Steps to Buying a Home Step 6

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• Our agent will provide you with the due date for each important task, since time is essence

• Start your loan application process immediately

• Pay attention to your recurring payment amount

• Monthly Mortgage Payment - Use the “mortgage calculator”

• Monthly HOA for condominium and town-home: @ around $300-$600

• Semi-annual Property tax (varies by county) An example is San Mateo County: approximately 1.1% of property purchase price

• Annual Insurance premium (varies by insurance company) An example is Annual HO6 Insurance for a condo is around $400-$600, a single family home is estimated at $1,500-$3,000

• Our agent will obtain status from the escrow officer, loan agent and inspectors

• Review with buyer all seller disclosures, title report, public reports, inspection reports, appraisal and preliminary closing statement

• Remove contingencies or exit contract by due date